HOLD THE PRESSES: We have a winner! Steve Wamsley has taken this brand new CD. Thanks for playing!

For the first time since 2008 with Songs From The Sparkle Lounge, Def Leppard returns with a set of brand new tunes. Titled — appropriately enough — Def Leppard, the new disc seeks to give the listener a bit of everything they’ve done sound-wise since their breakout fourth album, Hysteria. This includes a little heavy, a little pop, some funkiness, and some balladry.

And you could win the brand new Def Leppard CD in this Popdose Giveaway!

Send an email to dw.dunphy@gmail.com before this Friday, November 6 (close-of-business). Be the fourth entry with the subject line ”Def Leppard CD” and you will win this sparkly new disc.

Employees of Popdose.com, nor their relatives, pets, or significant whatzits, employees and/or family of the Def Leppard organization and Bludgeon Riffola are not eligible. The prize cannot be changed for cash value. Winning entry will be determined by timestamp on email, and whether it is the fourth such submission — one submission per person ONLY. Don’t be a jerk. Winner will be notified by email, after which the announcement of a winner will be amended to this post. Brag if you must, but it is terribly unbecoming.

Don’t delay! Enter today.


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