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INXS singer J.D. Fortune has been kicked out of the band for the second time in under four years. Fortune replaced original frontman Michael Hutchence after winning the reality TV show ‘Rock Star: INXS’ in 2005. Prior to that, the band had been relatively inactive following the death of Hutchence in 1997.

Jeff Giles: Poor guy.

Matt Wardlaw: Gonna be interesting to see where INXS is going with this song with Bono. Would it be too much to hope that they do a whole album?


As much as I love INXS, they need to hang it up. If they couldn’t make it work with Fortune, they aren’t going to make it work.

Wardlaw: It’s a shame, because I thought Fortune did a solid job with the band.

Dave Steed: I don’t get why they’re treating him so poorly. The album they did together was good, and it’s not like INXS has any chance at becoming superstars again, so why leave him in an airport? And why don’t they even bother to tell him he’s not in the band? It makes me want to get nowhere near anything they do again.

Dw. Dunphy: If he is deep into drugs, he’s unreliable. If they’re recovering addicts, he presents a temptation gateway. Still, they shouldn’t have treated him like crap.

But let’s get real. The hype of getting J.D. Fortune into the band didn’t translate into sales for the fruits of the labor. People simply didn’t accept him as the heir and, in the end, treated him and the work with the same indifference as is afforded most American Idol artist albums. They were stars of a show for a brief time, and that’s how the viewership sees them — as TV stars, not music stars, I believe.

David Medsker: They’re kidding, right?

David Lifton: Their continued poor treatment of Fortune mystifies me.

Christ, I’m turning into Wardlaw. I need a shower.

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