As protests continue coast-to-coast and the nation prepares for the most intense election in generations, we could all use a good pick-me-up, rallying cry, and fight song. Johnnie Mikel delivers all of that and more with his latest single, ‘Revolution’, premiering here today:

Just last month, American Songwriter premiered the dramatic video for ‘Nothing to Lose‘, and while that song is just taking off at Top 40 radio around the country, it might be a bit soon to unleash a new track, but Johnnie felt the time for ‘Revolution’ is now. Lyrics like “Each and every saint’s / Got some shit to say..” and his new look are miles away from the clean-cut, boy band image of earlier hits like “Friday Night“, but the new song reflects a maturation — as a person and an artist — that promises lots of fresh surprises when his full length album, Purgatory, drops later this year. “For every wall you build, we’re gonna tear it down / starting our own, starting a revolution!” is politically charged in all the best ways, but perhaps the song can finally help bring this country together, one dance floor at a time (once it is safe to do so). Until then, it’s one to play loud and proud from a safe social distance. 

”’Revolution’ speaks to the political and social landscape right now, while applauding the young, progressive voices organizing for change. In the recent years, I’ve been inspired by a new generation of diverse artists and activists marching for some of the core things I believe in: women’s rights, ending gun violence, and climate justice,” says Mikel. ”If a revolution means building a society with equal rights and respect for all, then I’m all in,” he continued. ”I hope the song inspires many people to open their eyes and build bridges across divides, instead of walls. I  also hope people are inspired to vote!”

‘Revolution’ is available now on all major streaming platforms. Connect with Johnnie Mikel on Instagram and Facebook

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