If the ongoing misadventures of Justin Bieber have you believing that children are indeed NOT the future — and by children, I mean anyone under 30 — and by future, I mean capable of putting a decent song on the radio — and by radio, I mean iPod, Spotify, YouTube or whatever the hell floats your boat — wait, where was I? Oh yeah — the future’s gonna be just fine if it keeps minting promising pop acts like Philip Labes. I get tens of hundreds of indie, and by that I mean self produced, songs and videos in the Popdose inbox every week and this little gem truly stands out — and the video, set on the beautiful USC campus, is pretty damn fun as well.

‘Hero’ is a great summer earworm to combat the side effects of playing (Someone who will never have a solo hit)’s ‘Fancy featuring Charli XCX‘ on constant rotation. It is the lead single from a five track EP that you can pick up for yourself today.

Labes is a 21 year-old USC  senior — the EP (co-produced by Tim Kobza) is chok full of potential summer mixtape additions, and by mixtape I mean playlist or perhaps an excuse to burn one of the 300 blank CDRs on my desk on that I can’t seem to throw in the garbage.

Philip Labes Cover Art 2

Philip Labes’ GGGGOST! EP is available today via Bandcamp – pay what you like, but come on, help a brother buy a better cape.

Connect with Philip Labes on facebook.

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