It seems like Sami Wolf has nothing to lose. The Chicago-based, self-proclaimed “Jewish-addict-lesbian rapper” embraces her status as the first of her kind — and the struggles that have brought her to this point. To cope with a childhood of neglect, she turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort and spent much of her young years shuttled between despair and rehab. Now on the upswing, she reflects on her past on her debut album, See You on the Moon.

Inspired by a breakup with her longtime girlfriend, Wolf’s newest single, which shares its title with her album, draws verbatim from the former couple’s nightly ritual. “When we used to say goodnight to each other, we would sign off with, ‘I’ll see you on the moon,'” Wolf says. “This song is the final goodbye.”

The song itself vacillates between Wolf’s poetic prose and a hooky chorus on which her voice shines. Writing the song and album were cathartic, and her no-holds-barred attitude makes this one raw release. She’s been through it all and come out the other side — with scars, yes, but alive nonetheless.

And for her, the greatest gift of making her signature brand of music may be paying it forward to others. ”I started writing songs I wish I could have heard as a teenager,” she says. “Songs that would have made me feel less like a minority. I hope to give listeners a sense of relief and importance.”

Check out “See You on the Moon” below, and for more information about Sami Wolf and her music, check out her website.

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