If you secretly love yacht rock, or if you rock out to “Hotel California” when no one is looking, the Big East’s new single, “The Wild Life” isn’t for you.

It’s for those who unabashedly love that infectious, endless-summer sound that radiates gorgeous golden sunsets and smells like road trips on dusty dirt roads. It’s the song that’s guaranteed to melt your winter blues and tide you over until spring rolls around.

With a chorus that sounds like the Eagles at their best, “The Wild Life” personifies that delicious ’70s vibe with layers of harmony and an infectious rock edge. A professionally constructed arrangement ties the freewheelin’ lyrics together beautifully with a driving drum beat and classic-rock sound. Simply put, they just don’t make songs like this anymore — but thankfully, the Big East does.

So retrophiles rejoice and meet your new favorite band. It’s never too early to declare a “song of the summer,” and with this single’s premiere here on Popdose, competition is already stiff. Take a listen below, and for more on the Big East, head over to Facebook.

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