It seems that with every new track The Cynz (one of the best no-frills “rock” bands from New Jersey) release, they just keep getting better and better and sounding incredible, production-wise.  The last single, “Devil In The Details”, still amazes me (and I haven’t gotten over it yet, either) was so good; so powerful and such a major leap forward on multiple levels that it still rings in my ears.  And now…  another new track, “Let It Burn”, is here and Popdose is very pleased and proud to deliver it to you first.  An absolutely deadly riff by guitarist Henry Seiz points the way to this fast driving, uptempo, stays-in-your-brain, catchy number – tuneful, instantly classic and once again, Cyndi Dawson’s vocals reach another new area – a toughness and confidence mixed together that have the “don’t fuck with me” vibe.  And I love it.  I can’t help it – I’ve watched and listened to The Cynz make strides over the last three years that most bands never achieve.  So it’s to their credit that they keep reaching – especially since this new track is the precursor to their next release – a full length album.

So here ’tis – the Popdose Exclusive Premiere of The Cynz’ “Let It Burn”.  Dig it.

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