We won’t hear the rest of the record until closer to its July release date, but even without the benefit of the other tracks to compare it against, DeQn Sue‘s “Magenta” seems like a pretty solid choice for the leadoff single from her upcoming full-length debut, Zeitgeist — not only because it boasts a memorable hook and colorful production (the latter courtesy of Kelvin Wooten), but because the song finds DeQn struggling to boil her various emotional shades down into a single color.

You can guess which one she picks for this particular song, but that predicament’s reflected in DeQn’s music in general, which struts and shimmies around various corners of the musical map with little regard for genre boundaries. Rather than the chaos that description might imply, however, “Magenta” pulls off a catchy balancing act, with just enough songwriting quirk to tug against the glossy pop production and pull the track pleasantly off-kilter in the process.

Check out “Magenta,” making its debut here in this post, read up on DeQn Sue at her official site, and keep an eye out for Zeitgeist in July.

DeQn Sue, “Magenta” (download)

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