If you like your music ragged, then Roses & Revolutions might be a bit of a tough sell for you — this Rochester-spawned duo spins a web of sound that is nothing if not tasteful, and in the era of Mumford & Sons and the Lumineers, that’s become a dirty word in some circles. But speaking as someone who leans toward the unvarnished end of the musical spectrum, it’s hard to deny the bewitching beauty of Roses & Revolutions’ better songs — songs like the perfectly plangent “These Walls,” from their new self-titled EP. Yeah, you’ve heard it all before, from the soaring male/female harmonies to those little lead guitar lines that dart in and out of the mix. But there’s something sweetly hypnotic about the way it all comes together here, isn’t there? Sometimes tasteful can be pretty damn irresistible.

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