What’s your power letter?

You’ve probably never been asked that question, but one just popped into your mind, didn’t it? Maybe it was your initial or perhaps a rare bird, like X or Q. What does your letter say about you?

At a time when energy and self-realization is praised and coveted, the new track by New York-based performance and musical artist Michelle Joni reinvents the alphabet, proving that learning never has to stop. In fact, Michelle advocates refreshing your basic-level learning skills; she created a preschool for adults to remind grown-ups of those golden days when there was always something new to explore.

On “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (Letters Are Better),” she and producer Robin Hood concoct a blend of pop, hip-hop and wordplay for a fresh spin on the ol’ ABCs. This isn’t the children’s nursery rhyme you remember from your youth. Rather, it’s a track perfect for getting your blood pumping while on the treadmill or during an intense yoga sesh — it just happens to be about the alphabet.

Take a listen to this fun and funky take on a kindergarten classic below:

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