Even though Thanksgiving was a few days ago, the holidays are a great time to reflect and truly appreciate what we have. We, by nature, take the simplest things for granted. It’s important to pause and reflect on the positives, especially when things get rough and turbulent (as this time of year usually does).

Natalise & the Sunset Run pay homage to presence, to being grateful for every second and every love in their new song, “The Lucky Ones.” The beautifully shot video, premiering here for the first time, feels nostalgic in a personal way; if it doesn’t stir up some old memories, you’re probably a robot. Its melody combines digestible pop with a flavoring of alternative and indie goodness.

Count your blessings and take a moment to experience “The Lucky Ones” below. And be sure to check out Natalise & the Sunset Run on Facebook for more.

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