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Typhoid Rosie, rising like a phoenix straight outta Brooklyn, recalls a feistier rock & roll yesteryear when the likes of Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro and Kim Carnes ruled the charts instead of the typical sex kitten dinner theater we’ve been deluged with ever since a bored Britney Spears emerged from the classroom.

The rebellious attitude comes from lead vocalist Rosie Rebel, a stand-up comedian who found cathartic release in the throws of rock and roll. Most funny people mask a dark side, so her songs are naturally filled with heartache, heartbreak and loss. As the band’s second album, Hearts Bleed Goodbye (out March 26th, 2016), started coming together a few years back, Rosie’s mother died of an aneurism while leaving her grandmother’s funeral. Two losses in a day, heartbreak that is still healing to this day.

The rest of the tight-knit band includes Rosie’s husband, Phil Wartell (drummer/producer), along with Dean Wartell (bass), Matt Kursmark (guitar) and Justin Rothberg (lead guitar).

If you’re into Blondie, Garbage or 90’s BritPop acts like Republica, Elastica or Echobelly, Typhoid Rosie should hit your sweet spot. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Hearts Bleed Goodbye

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