It’s February, which means two things: One, many of us are trying to ward off the coldest weeks of winter with multiple cuddly layers (or, ahem, bourbon); and two, Mardi Gras is just around the corner.

Which is why Dog on Fleas‘ new single, “I Must Be a Genius,” is so timely, what with its sunny melody and Crescent City feel. Drawn from the band’s brand new eighth album, Buy One, Get One Flea, the song celebrates what the Tom Tom Club referred to as the Genius of Love — the idea that while the heart sometimes feels like a blunt instrument, it might actually be the smartest muscle in your innards.

Or perhaps that’s overthinking it. Either way, “I Must Be a Genius” is a delicious bite-sized chunk of pop music from some of its proudest practitioners, and a perfect appetizer for the glorious goodness that awaits discerning listeners within Buy One, Get One Flea‘s grooves when it arrives on February 18. In the meantime, check out tracks from the record here — and if you email the band after purchasing a track from the record, they’ll send you another one free.

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