Popdose is pleased to present the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for “Over My Head” by Edison + Belle.

Lead guitarist/songwriter Joseph Lewczak tells Popdose that “Over My Head’ is as simple of a love song as you can get. At its core it’s about ‘limerence,'” he says, explaining that it’s “that intense flood of emotions that you get when you are falling in love with someone else and you feel like your life is out of control and that you are, ‘over your head’ about the other person.”

According to lead singer/songwriter Richie Leone, the song began in a typical way, as an acoustic demo with just guitar and vocal. But as the indie pop/electronica duo continued to work on the track, they could see where they wanted the song to end up in its final form. “It became apparent right away that it should be produced as a song inspired by all of the great pop tunes of the 80s, taking nods from power pop bands like The Outfield.”

“Over My Head” offers a taste of what music fans can look forward to on the duo’s debut EP, Love Beyond, which is available on iTunes and Spotify. Leone and Lewczak are thrilled to finally share the first results of their creative partnership with the world — one which has an interesting beginning.

The pair first met in late 2014 via an online ad that Lewczak placed on a musician’s website when he was searching for a collaborator who would understand his musical visions and help to properly flesh them out. He had a lot of experience of his own with playing guitar and writing songs and had spent a good amount of time playing gigs in the New York City area, working with both original and cover bands.

The connection with Leone was delightfully unconventional — he had no formal music training, but a powerful voice — winning various vocal competitions in the Tri-State area. The two musicians clicked immediately and quickly developed the material that turned into Love Beyond.

The new EP is an intriguing sample and one can hope that the “beyond” part of the title will come true and that there will be more music to enjoy from this pairing as their collaboration continues to develop and evolve.


Photo Credit: Sarah Wilmer

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