Touted as a quintessential summer song, MaWayy‘s pumping, beat-fueled track “Wrong” could more likely be described as a summer hangover song. And since we’re all rebounding from the long weekend, it’s the perfect time to throw on a song that has all the attributes of a perfect summer song (simple-yet-catchy melody, beach-perfect synth work, ear-worminess), yet has lyrics that belie a bad decision.

Developed over a collaboration spanning the globe, “Wrong” is the brainchild of Emmy-winning composer Brian Wayy and Iranian electronic musician Masoud Fuladi, or Caspian Beat as he’s better know. Though the two have never met IRL (as the kids say), their apparent chemistry on this track is its hallmark.

Underscored by a video that lulls the viewer into an intoxicating location (Santorini in the Greek isles) with a quintessential “music video girl,” Swedish model Bella Cirnski, at first glance, it’s a basic punch-up over a summer fling where the singer “don’t need your love, I need the rush.” As the song and video continue, however, it’s obvious that it’s an internal war over a bad decision made during a holiday far removed from the real world. The video ends with an appeal over text (“She didn’t mean anything to me”) that goes unresolved, proving that what happens during summer doesn’t always fade away when fall arrives.

Check out the video for MaWayy’s “Wrong” below!

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