If you’re looking for a jam that reinforces loving yourself in the midst of heartbreak and anguish, you’ll want to add Matt LeGrand‘s “All Good” to your Labor Day weekend playlist. Its Drake-meets-Nick Jonas vibe makes it the perfect kiss-off to summer, while its video, shot on a single day in Miami, is an everlasting testament to sunny days both literally and figuratively.

Where many songs agonize over breakups, “All Good” celebrates the opportunity to focus on oneself after a relationship ends. Written by a team in Atlanta, LeGrand told the New Nine that he likes “to think that the song found me. It came to me at a time in my life where everything it was saying just made so much sense to me…. The song’s about being okay with yourself.”

This rising artist obviously recognizes catchy, Top 40-worthy material when he hears it, and his rendition of this ultra-trendy pop song will be dancing in your head all day. Check out the video below!

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