Guys, let me be brutally honest: My birthday is this week, and I’m finally in the stage of my life where a certain malaise over getting older replaces any excitement at being alive another year. Then a song like MRYGLD’s “Cool Kids” comes across my desk and I’m left shouting, “Yes! This! This is how I feel!”

It seems like we’ve met a few bands from Birmingham lately, proving that Alabama might be the next big hotbed of tomorrow’s sounds. MRYGLD’s indie pop/rock song is so tight and so refined — blending something like Neon Trees with Of Monsters and Men and maybe a dash of Hot Chip in there somewhere — that you’d swear they’d been beating around for years, but nope. This five-piece outfit only got together earlier this year. Astounding.

But back to “Cool Kids” and why it’s giving me all the feels right now. The lyrics, and the resulting video, lament the passage of time and how it seems like yesterday that we were just schoolchildren wanting to be, well, cool. One line of particular insightfulness is, “Where are the cool kids? Did they become my parents?” Anyone who’s been to a class reunion and seen the evolution of popular classmates will absolutely nod their head at that and so many other poignant words.

Join me in listening to this track for the rest of the day, and check out the video below!

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