To me, one of the coolest things about the convergence of music and video along with the advent of the internet is the ability for artists to truly create amazing, conceptual pieces of art. No longer are they constrained by network guidelines or pandering to the masses. This leads to some really emotional, lovely, and poignant stories that just can’t be told in under three minutes.

REMZ‘s video for “Where You Belong” opens with an elderly man and a ticking clock. Epic foreshadowing. The old man falls to the ground, presumably dead, but rises when a small child takes him by the hand — the old man’s younger self. He also encounters himself as a soldier, and these three parts of himself sit down to an otherwise normal breakfast, frolic in the town square, and finally onto a stage, where the old man fulfills a lifelong dream of performing. And, honestly, as many times as this old-youth-life narrative has been utilized, this time it’s told with a grace and a warmheartedness that’s different… probably because the song itself is very special.

“Where You Belong,” with its echoing line, “You’ll never be alone” is pure positivity set in the frame of Peruvian pop. It’s infectious to the nth degree, but unlike a lot of mainstream pop out there today, there’s no guilt-bearing aftertaste when you realize the lyrics are problematic. Instead, REMZ has constructed a feel-good anthem that perfectly complements his masterful music video.

Check out the video for REMZ’s “Where You Belong” below!

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