The first time I heard this track, I immediately liked its positivity and uplifting melody and message. I mean, consider some of the rough-and-tumble music out there today; this is practically an anomaly. Then, I learned the reason there’s a seconds-long clip tacked onto the end of its video of Boston musician Cameron Liberatore strumming and singing the basic melody of what would become Silhouette Rising’s “Technicolor.”

In 2014, Liberatore was in a terrible car accident in Nashville and, since then, has been on a long and arduous road to recovery. His bandmates in Silhouette Rising, talented as they are noble, are calling it quits with one final release, the Happiness III project of which “Technicolor” is a track. Joined by guests including Tye Zamora (formerly of Alien Ant Farm) and Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!, the band seeks to realize Liberatore’s musical vision since he, himself, cannot right now.

“Technicolor’s” beautiful message to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary is inspiring, even without the heart-wrenching back story. In its video, the band takes turns performing good deeds, like paying for a stranger’s coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts and giving a cute pup a treat. The song itself is a driving, power-ballady track with stellar harmonies that’s a bit throwback, but feels right at home on the indie scene today. Where other songs of this ilk might feel contrived or superficial, this one is wholly authentic.

Check out the video for Silhouette Rising’s “Technicolor” below!

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