Radio City with Jon Grayson and Rob Ross:  Episode Twenty Eight – so much to talk about – so little time.  Until the next one…

Right out of the chute, Jon and Rob set to task the insanity and imbalance in Congress as well as the President’s ponderous speech concerning Afghanistan; the sad news that the Village Voice – an institution – is ceasing its printed edition; a very interesting segment on review writing and walking the balance when it comes to publicity reps; the failure of the “big summer box office blockbuster” in 2017; a re-appreciation of The Rain Parade’s Emergency Third Rail Power Trip; new music by Audrey X and the brilliant album from Somerdale – plus, “In Our Heads” (naturally).

Come to where you can find a safe haven – sit down and tune in…

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode Twenty Eight

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