Like the Christmas season kicks off mid-September (ugh), July has begun to extend Independence Day all month. Don’t believe me? Come to my apartment and listen to the gunshot-like fireworks still waking me up and scaring my cat. Yeah. So it’s apropos that we have some sort of tunes to celebrate America n’at — y’know, other than the George M. Cohen standards and Lee Greenwood.

Luckily, the Dead Daisies have unleashed a live cover of one of the most overlooked USA-centric anthems particularly relevant to us music lovers. I have to admit; my first encounter with Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band” was when I was literally in one — my high school marching band. But after getting a little older and refining my palate, I’ve grown really fond of this out-and-proud rocker.

In a video that’s shot-for-shot similar to anything you see on MTV Classic (or on MTV in the good ol’ days), the band rocks out with their long hair out while on the road all over the country, capturing footage at iconic ‘Murrca pit stops like Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, and… Universal Studios. Lead singer John Corabi gives former GFR frontman Mark Farner a run for his money with his powerful vocal performance, and the rest of the band rocks just as hard as the originals did in 1973.

If you’re still feeling the patriotic spirit, or if you need a new tune to add to your summer BBQ playlist, take a listen to Dead Daisies’ version of “We’re an American Band” below!

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