Hang with me, because I’m about to hit you with something that’s kinda outside my usual wheelhouse. The best way I can describe Drew Vision‘s sound is modern R&B with a drum-machine backbeat, a hooky chorus, and simplicity without being boring. His track, “I Want ‘Em All” is so easygoing that you really might miss hypersexual lyrics like “you can make my banana split / I wanna see you try.”

One of the most intriguing pieces of Vision’s indie-music journey is his collaboration with producer Bryan Michael Cox. If you don’t recognize his name, don’t worry — you’re sure to know his tunes. Cox has produced everyone from Mariah Carey to Drake to, yes, Justin Bieber. In fact, he surpassed my boys, the Beatles, for the Guinness World Record of longest running chart success. With that musical pedigree and Vision’s slate of accolades, including a video premiere on BET Soul and write-ups in Billboard and Vibe, it’s no surprise the two somehow found each other within the industry.

“I Want ‘Em All,” as you might have guessed, is about how he wants all the laydays, and the video doesn’t disappoint. Taking place within the confines of a pink house (basically my dream home), he courts a bevy of lovely women, covering one in sprinkles in the bathtub. It sugary sweet, but the interspersed shots caught on VHS tape (complete with date and timestamp, of course) give it a provocative, voyeuristic feel, which complements the song’s innate sensuality perfectly.

Check out the video for Drew Vision’s “I Want ‘Em All” below!

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