A very strong collection of songs this week, kids. That’s not to say that I don’t strive to feature quality songs every week, it’s just that in this week’s line up, my ears really perked up when spinning these songs — some of which have been out for awhile.

Okay, on with the show!

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, ‘Won’t Go Back”

I’m a huge fan of Steve and Edie’s record “Love Has Come For You” (not to be confused with Steve and Eydie). Many of the songs on that record were kind of forlorn and spare in terms of production. That’s not the case with “Won’t Go Back.” The production is very broad, Steve Martin’s banjo playing has a unique sound, and the song itself ventures into pop territory. This is kind of a second act for Edie Brickell in terms of her music career, but for Martin I think this may be his fourth act — and an impressive one at that.

Ayla, “Waiting”

19-year-old Australian singer Ayla has been making an impression in the Oz music scene since she was 16. “Waiting” is an extremely mature sounding song for someone so young. Ayla is able to craft an ethereal tune with some nice hooks in the pre-chorus and the overall song has a style that has flashes of Florence + The Machine spiked in. Good stuff from down under!

A Silent Film, “Lighting Strike”

When I first gave this song a spin, I immediately heard a similarity to The Killers — and I’m pretty sure you will as well. It’s a solid modern rock/alternative song that brings the guitar to the front in a big, anthemic way. The band may sound like their musical cousins (i.e., The Killers), but they are an English band who had some success getting their music heard from MTV, SiriusXm, iTunes, and even nominated for a New Music Award on XFM radio in their home country. But you don’t have to be impressed by all those bona fides to lure you into the listening to “Lighting Strike,” just press play on the music player and you’ll hear a song that’s instantly likable.

ZZ Ward, “Love 3X”

If you think ZZ Ward’s name is a deliberate play on ZZ Top, I think Zsuzsanna Ward might disagree. The 29-year-old musician from Pennsylvania has been doing very well for herself due to support from TV shows on VH1, MTV and ABC Family. “Love 3X” is pure pop — in the best possible way. Her vocals aren’t forced and the chorus is extremely radio-friendly. The song has been out since the beginning of summer, so if you’re saying “Hey, this ain’t new,” you’re right. But you know what? It could be new to many who have never heard it before.

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