Here we go with another ”Single Play” for the week. This post is late (I know), but sometimes life gets in the way of the important stuff. But let’s get to it, shall we? This week, a number of the bands are simply rockin’ it on the songs featured, and that’s why it’s only fitting that this week’s “Single Play” is brought to you by the letter R.

Born Cages, ”Don’t Look Back”

I hear a little bit of Big Country in the intro ”Don’t Look Back,” but the song quickly transitions into a solid rocker with a bold, anthemic chorus and a wonderfully over-the-top lead break. For a band from New York City, they really sound like they come from over the pond. That’s not a criticism, however. Rather, it just illustrates that Born Cages have influences that go beyond the parochialism that can pervade a local music scene – even one as big as New York’s.

Wildlife - …OnTheHeart - Cover Art
Wildlife, ”Born to Ruin”

Another big, big sound. But this time it comes from the Great White North. Wildlife don’t take themselves too seriously as individual band members, but when it come to their music, one can quickly see that their playful personalities get bracketed and they get down to business. ”Born to Ruin” has some really thick drumming that adds heft to their music, and kind of like their fellow Canadians, Arcade Fire, Wildlife’s indie rock sound is layered, sometimes lush, and tastefully executed.

3rd Eye Girl
Prince & 3rd Eye Girl, ”Let’s Go Crazy”

Prince has donned a number of personas throughout his career, but if this version of ”Let’s Go Crazy” is any indication of his new identity, I’m sure the words ”Guitar God” will somehow be attached. Prince doesn’t not hold back on his playing during this barely-recognizable version of the lead track from Purple Rain. The fact that he adds a few bars of ”Frankenstein” from the Edgar Winter Group, just goes to show us listeners that ”The Kid” from Minneapolis just wants to rock hard in a funky place.

Alpine, ”Gasoline“

Their music is described as ”floaty,” and on ”Gasoline” Alpine’s sound is certainly in the clouds — but it’s not all airy and ethereal. Rather, the song is anchored with some tasty grooves, pleasant hooks, and breathy vocals from Phoebe Baker and Lou James. If you’re feeling like you need some chill sounds for the evening, give ”Gasoline” a spin (or three) and very soon you’ll be down with their urbane pop sound.

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