Delilah, “Inside My Love”

Delilah shares a similar vocal quality as her fellow Brit, Adele. But Delilah’s music is not entirely a throwback to another time. Rather it’s very much rooted in the “now,” but her voice still harkens back to a kind of ‘60s Brit-pop that makes for a kind of postmodern experience. Overall, though, Delilah is polished, has all the right hooks in place on “Inside My Love,” and has a musical sound that has all the blurps and bleeps that’s so very, very popular these days. Call it a winning formula that works for her.

Paramore, “Ain’t It Fun” 

With the release of their fourth studio album, Paramore are a group poised to go from girl-crush band, to superstars. Haley Williams has always had the heart of a pop star underneath her alt rock/emo veneer, and on “Ain’t It Fun” she gets to break out of the “Paramore sound” and explore vocal styles that are certainly easier on her vocal chords. Plus, there’s a whole gospel feel in the bridge that clearly signals Paramore are quickly moving past their Hot Topic roots. While this isn’t an official single, the song is so full of good stuff that it would be a disappointment if their A&R person didn’t take note of this one for a single release.

To Be Frank, “If You Love Her

To Be Frank is Frank Pescod, who, it’s noted in his biography is related to Michel Bergson — who studied under Chopin — and the philosopher Henri-Louis Bergson. But do these biographical details have anything to do with his music? Not really. However, if his great great grandfather and great grandfather made music that’s spare and emotionally naked, then I suppose it could be a talking point — but I don’t think they did. “If You Love Her,” though, is a very delicate and appealing ballad that will probably end up in a montage sequence in a romantic comedy sometime soon — you know, when they really want to get the waterworks going.

Scarlette Fever, “Where’s The Fun?”

Quick: what was your most boring job? Well, as you are answering that question, just know that Scarlette Fever (aka Karen Barrow) took mundane jobs as the inspiration for her latest single. It’s certainly a catchy and radio-friendly song (She is playing the Worldwide Radio Summit this year), so chances are you’re going to hear this song on AAA and Hot AC stations in the U.S. soon — but you can say you heard it here first.

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