Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight

That moment you meet the parents over bacon-spiked brussels sprouts and beer. Nerves close to the surface but your heart overrides your fight to take flight. Over the river and through the woods you could go. But you don’t. Because it’s love. And a kiss. Oh that kiss that’s stuck on you like Lionel Richie glue. It’s that feeling down deep in your soul. You just can’t lose. That’s the power of love, friend. Own the power, JT.

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Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight

Your holiday hangover was helped along with those bitter pills you swallowed with gin and gravy. Everywhere you turn there’s someone holding hands. Smooching by the fireplace. Lovers’ hands on wanton knees under the candle-waxed tablecloth. The holidays offer up a veritable cornucopia of things to resent. And resemble. Back when you thought you had The One. The One who turned into a giant turkey. There’s no pardon, doll. No pardon attal.

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