Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight

Before engaging in matters of the heart, determine how much space you have left in your cloud. Throw caution into the wind. Upload until your heart’s content. If you’ve got a little extra love spilling over in your file, share it. Send out a link. Tell someone you love you love them. Then go tell everybody else who needs it. We all need it. Give a little bit of your love. Our love.

[Lianne La Havas, “Is Your Love Big Enough” single, 2012]

Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight

Miss you terribly already. There’s a hole from something that was there but not there. An invisible bullet wound. Hurts nonetheless. Where’s the gun? Push love out of firing range and no one gets hurt. Scatter your affections across a wide target. Diversify your risk. Tell everyone you’re not capable of caring. Then you care. Caring is creepy. That’s what you said. That’s how you acted. Stuff it back into your pocket. Conceal it. Oh. And stay out of your way.

[Teddy Thompson, “Take Care of Yourself” Bella, 2011]

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