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Marshall Crenshaw told us that every musician has an internal clock that tells them when it’s time to make a new record. For the New York electronic duo Home Video, their clock is clearly set to four years, because their (fabulous) sophomore album The Automatic Process was released four years after their debut No Certain Night or Morning, and here we are four years later, and the band is about to release their third album, Here in Weightless Fall. The band’s love for atmospherics and slow buildups remains, but for the lead single ”Forget,” they work in a dash of melancholia, and the end result is audio catnip.

Some bands don’t like this word — though we’re not sure why — but ”Forget” is arguably the most accessible song the band has ever done. Armed with a pulsing drum track, sparse percussion, and that minor key melody, ”Forget” is the kind of song that will cause people to do anything but. Get on the bandwagon now while there’s still room.


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