I’ve been meaning to use this space to introduce our readers to music they might never have heard of, so right here on the heels of 100 songs you’ve definitely heard of, are two that might have escaped you. The Glands were an indie rock band from Athens, Georgia who released a pair of albums around the turn of the millennium and have since slipped back below the surface. The Pomegranates are an indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio who are on their own swift little upslope, have released their debut Everything is Alive last year. We’ll see if they’re able to sustain their burst of popularity when their sophomore effort hits the shelves in 2009. — Matchup Monkey

The Glands – “I Can See My House from Here”

The Pomegranates – “The Uncanny Terrace Treeclimber”



Last week, Bob Dylan got shot down/blown away by Bob Dylan, as “Hurricane” took 66% of the vote. Join us again next week for a very special Song-Off, when we discuss Incestuous Father-Daughter Relationships and the Second Amendment.