“But there was something else tugging at Garcia as 1964 turned into 1965. For one thing, like half of America under the age of 25, Jerry had been seduced by the Beatles, especially their film, A Hard Day’s Night, which depicted life in a rock and roll band as just about the most fun that could be had on planet earth. the Beatles were deliciously irreverent and in-your-face anarchic; untamable gadabouts on an endless lark, always living in a completely different universe than the pitiable straight forces that were constantly trying to control, or at the very least, restrain them…” –from Garcia: An American Life by Blair Jackson

Grateful Dead – Why Don’t We Do It In the Road?” 4/7/85 Philly Spectrum

Grateful Dead – “Day Tripper” 12/28/84 SF Civic Auditorium

Grateful Dead – “I Want to Tell You” 10/15/94 Madison Square Garden

Phil Lesh and Friends – “She Said, She Said” 11/30/04 Tower Theater

Deadheads for Obama – “Come Together” 2/4/08 The Warfield

Phil, Bobby and Mickey were joined by Jackie Greene, John Molo, and Steve Molitz.

The Valentines – “Tomorrow Never Knows” 8/27/94 Fukuoka Dome
The Valentines were a short-lived group consisting of Bob Weir, Vince Welnick, guitarist Henry Kaiser, Prairie Prince and Bobby Vega. They played a couple nights in Japan and then one more show at The Fillmore in San Francisco.

Grateful Dead – “Rain” 4/1/94 Nassau Colliseum

Grateful Dead – “Revolution” 4/8/85 Philly Spectrum

Grateful Dead – “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” 5/23/93 Shoreline

Jerry Garcia Band – “Eleanor Rigby Jam” 2/28/80

Jerry Garcia Band – “Dear Prudence” Spring 1990 The Warfield

Grateful Dead – “It’s All Too Much” 3/26/95 The Omni

Grateful Dead – “Hey Jude” 2/11/69 Fillmore East

Bonus Tracks

Phil Lesh and Friends – “Imagine” 12/19/04 The Warfield
featuring Gloria Jones and Jackie La Branch

Grateful Dead – “That Would Be Something” 4/1/94 Nassau Colliseum
Garcia would occasionally insert this brief Paul McCartney tune into jams coming in and out of space…

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