fabulousbeats frontWell, since we’re in a Beatles state of mind here at Popdose, I wanted to find something relevant to the topic, and here it is. Sorta. This is a group called the Fabulous Beats, whose act was strangely reminiscent of a certain Fab Four. To take it even further, the songs on this album were originally country songs. That’s right, you have country songs sung by guys who are trying their best to sing and play like the Beatles. Folks, I can’t make this stuff up!

The first song featured is called “Let Me Be the One.” My research shows that it was originally sung by Hank Locklin. I don’t know the guy or the song, but I had to include it because it follows the first rule of Beatles imitators: find a spot in a song to sing “yeah yeah yeah” and repeat as necessary.

Let Me Be the One

Next we have the Patsy Cline classic “Walkin’ After Midnight,” complete with jangly guitars and two part harmonies. The crazy thing here is that, as Beatles, they don’t sound much like the originals. However they could have possibly made a career from being Everly Brothers impressionists. I guess there wasn’t as much call for that, though.

Walkin’ After Midnight

“Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes” has been covered by everybody from George Jones to Dean Martin to Perry Como, but the Fabulous Beats really pick up the tempo on it. It doesn’t really improve the song any, but it’s unique.

Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes

Finally we have the country classic “Release Me,” which introduces another rule of Beatles imitators: the falsetto “OOOOOOOO!” (with bonus points for the “yeah yeah”s at the end.) You know, the guitar and bass work really isn’t too bad on these songs if you can get past the singing.

Release Me

If you’d like to hear more countrified renditions from the Fabulous Beats, you can get the whole album here. Yeah Yeah Yeah OOOOOOOOOO!!!