SPOILER FREE POST: While the Badfinger song that ushered us into the end credits will get a whole lotta buzz today, I can’t stop thinking about the song that ushered us INTO the Breaking Bad series finale. The one used in the promo clip before the episode started. The song appeared to be written just for the show:

“What would you do if it call came back to you…”

The band is Junip, a Swedish trio consisting of JosÁ© GonzÁ¡lez, Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn. The song, ‘Line of Fire’ is from their self-titled third LP. It’s haunting melody and chilling lyrics hit you like a ton of bricks the same way Sia’s ‘Breathe Me‘ did in the epic finale of Six Feet Under.

As for the Breaking Bad finale — I feel it was a total win for creator Vince Gilligan, the writing staff, cast and crew. Where series like LostHeroes and American Idol jumped the shark by losing track of their original premises, Bad stayed locked, loaded and laser-focused on paying off the set-up in the pilot. Sure series like Newhart and St. Elsewhere had a lot of fun with “big twist” conclusions, but those are better served on shows where you’re not as emotionally invested in the characters. In terms of pure satisfaction, Breaking Bad joins M*A*S*H and the Sopranos among the all-time great final bows. Granted, I was so spellbound, I completely missed the Badfinger song. Thank heavens for DVR.

Your move Mad Men.

Junip Album

Junip by Junip is available at fine CD stores everywhere, plus iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Junip photo by Kiara Andreasson.

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