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It takes an admirable level of chutzpah to cover a band with an aesthetic as singularly knotty as Steely Dan’s, but that’s just what Toronto’s the Darcys have done with their upcoming tribute to the Dan’s classic Aja album, scheduled for a January 24th release.

Sweetly enjoyable labor of love, or goddamned train wreck? The possibilities are endless. You can get an early feel for the album with the Darcys’ version of “Josie,” currently up for stream and/or download at Rolling Stone.

Just don’t expect to hear a slavishly faithful version. “With ‘Josie,’ we wanted to create an ominous mood to close the record. The Steely Dan version plays like a breezy pop song about a beautiful girl, but the lyrics hint at violence and reckless abandon,” explains band member Wes Marskell. “Who is Josie to incite all of this? And where has she been? We loved the incongruity between Steely Dan’s feel and lyrical content, but our goal was to subvert the original by undermining that polarity.”

Got all that?

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