The Web moves fast. Here are our favorite links from the week that was:

The age of extreme offshore oil is just beginning [Discover]

Apple’s top all-time apps [TechCrunch]

Social Distortion at Daytrotter [Daytrotter]

Nicki Minaj, Lil B, Kaynye West, Rick Ross: The triumph of the weirdo rapper [Slate]

R.I.P. Don Kirshner [AV Club]

In appreciation: Nile Rodgers [Popblerd!]

The top 40 ’80s one-hit wonders [Culture Brats]

THE ZODIHOAX: System of basing life decisions on spatial arrangement of distant stars not flawed after all [Jeff Vrabel]

In praise of Todd Rundgren: Pioneer, pop star, fabulously weird [Something Else]

The weekly Lostrocity: 1991’s “Voices That Care” [Love Hate Society]

Reissue Theory: Sammy Davis, compiled: Sammy in the Seventies [Second Disc]

Roger Ebert’s new chin [Gizmodo]

Learn the life expectancy of your appliances [Lifehacker]

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