The Web moves fast. Here are some of our favorite links from the week that was:

What do all the numbers on your credit card mean? [Gizmodo]

10-year-old girl becomes youngest to discover supernova [Make]

Bill Withers documentary, Still Bill, reaches DVD [Addicted to Vinyl]

10 nerdiest DVDs available only in the Warner Archive shop [Topless Robot]

The second wave of children’s mobile apps is coming [Wired]

Taco Bell beef filling sparks gastrointestinal uproar [Gizmodo]

Video games turn dads into secret Britney Spears fans [Kotaku]

Elton John, mom, and memories [SomethingElse]

Never Gonna Give You Up (no, not that one) [Soul-Sides]

10 thoughts on Adele’s 21 [XO London]

Top 30 ’90s one-hit wonders [Culture Brats]

Chic, “Dance Dance Dance” [Funky16Corners]

Starbucks Trenta: Probably a bit much, unless you’re a horse [Jeff Vrabel]

All hail our robot overlords! Sci-fi’s best ‘bots [Wired]

Crafting through the ’80s [Culture Brats]

Daytrotter Session: Bela Fleck [Daytrotter]

Americans overwhelmingly prefer white meat. What happens to the dark parts? [Slate]

A semblance of order returns to the pop charts…temporarily [Popblerd!]

Photographers, you’re now officially free to shoot in public places and outside government buildings [TechCrunch]

Jimmy Buffett hospitalized after falling off stage [AV Club]

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