Pete at Ickmusic gives us Prince’s 9/9/86 show Á¢€” otherwise known as the end of the Revolution;

John at You Must Be from Away treats us to a sampling of some 140 bpm Finnish rock, then goes all Albert Lee on us;

Jeff Vrabel gives Alberto Gonzales the patented Vrabel treatment, then takes a look at what those goddamn pothead hippies are trying to do to our nation’s youth;

Idolator is arguably the first of 600,000 sites to link to that godawful video of Karl Rove rapping;

The Week in Rock Roundtable at Kurt’s Krap (of which I am a proud member) blows the dust off of some more old AOR hits Á¢€” part one and part two;

Consumerist alerts us to the fact that yes, Coke can get even more disgusting, then helps you avoid some common car-salesman tricks;

Ken at Jersey Days yields the floor to a Lefsetz rant;

And for some damn reason, Jason gives me the keys to Chart Attack! this week Á¢€” go see what I had to say about the Billboard Top Ten of March 31, 1990.

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