In those long-gone days before iPods and burned CDs, when you wanted a nice assortment of songs to take on the road with you, you got your little 90-minute TDK cassettes and made yourself some mix tapes. And one of the inherent flaws of being constricted to 45 minutes per side was finding just the right amount of songs that fit, without clipping the end of the last song or leaving far too much empty hissing space you’d be forced to listen to or fast forward.

That’s when you reached for your copy of Sire Records’ “Just Say Yo” CD compilation and threw on A House’s “Call Me Blue”. At 2:12, “Call Me Blue” was just the right fit for many a mix tape of my youth…I must have used it more times than I can recall.

And hey, there’s a video!

I have never heard another song by A House. And they were together thru 1996! Who knew…ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo – ooo, ooo….ooo.

“Call Me Blue” peaked at #9 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks Chart in 1988.

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