Jeff Buckley Á¢€” Kashmir from Live at lÁ¢€â„¢Olympia (2001)
The Tea Party Á¢€” Save Me from Splendor Solis (1994)
Orchestre National de Jazz Á¢€” Black Dog from Close to Heaven: A Led Zeppelin Tribute (2006)
Oh Well Á¢€” Fleetwood Mac from The Vintage Years Live (2002)
Stormy High Á¢€” Black Mountain from In The Future (2008)
Life Begins Again Á¢€” Afro Celt Sound System featuring Robert Plant from Volume 3: Further In Time
Blackwaterside Á¢€” Bert Jansch from Jack Orion (1966)
Get It On Á¢€” Kingdom Come from Kingdom Come (1988)
Since IÁ¢€â„¢ve Been Loving YouÁ¢€” Lez Zeppelin from Lez Zeppelin (2007)
Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) Á¢€” Donovan from Barabajagal (1969)
The Battle of Evermore Á¢€” The Lovemongers from Singles OST (1992)
Shapes of Things Á¢€” The Yardbirds from Greatest Hits Volume 1: 1964-1966
Rock Á¢€ËœnÁ¢€â„¢ Roll Á¢€” Mos Def from Black On Both Sides (2002)
Cult of Personality Á¢€” Living ColoÁƒ¼r from Vivid (1988)
Whole Lotta Love Á¢€” The Wonder Band from Stairway To Love (1979, out of print)
Pretty Penny Á¢€” Stone Temple Pilots from Purple (1994)
Followed the Waves Á¢€” Melissa Auf der Maur from Auf der Maur (2004)
Enfer et Paradis (Hell and Heaven) Á¢€” Les NÁƒ©gresses Vertes from Zig Zague (2004)
Stairway To Heaven Á¢€” Dolly Parton from Halos and Horns (2006)
When the Levee Breaks Á¢€” Kansas Joe and Memphis Minnie from Roots of Rock (2001)

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