Because we always love a story that ends with a fat alcoholic turning his life around and emerging as a multimedia sensation, we’re thrilled to share the news of the Nerdist Channel on YouTube, the new digital playground for Chris Hardwick and his growing army of contributors.

No, seriously, it’s getting to the point where Hardwick is turning into a sort of King Nerdmas, converting everything he touches to digital gold. From the humble beginnings of his (very entertaining) podcast to his book, roving comedy showcases, BBC programming, and now today’s news, he’s pulled off the unlikely leap from game show host to eminently affable pop culture curator. Good for you, Hardwick and friends. Good for you.

via press release:

Chris Hardwick and Nerdist Industries are bringing a truckload of celebrity talent to the Nerdist Channel. They’re going to take you Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic interviewing top celebrities. Neil Degrasse Tyson and Neil Patrick Harris will both be bringing their star power to the Nerdist Channel, one more literally than the other as Neil Degrasse Tyson is bringing his hit radio program Star Talk to the channel. Rob Zombie will be bringing his own brand of awesomeness to play in the Nerdist landscape and the Dudesons are going to take this party past the legal speed limit in Gumball 3000.

The Nerdist Channel show lineup has something for everyone. Harry Knowles has unleashed his inner puppet on the film news world in Ain’t It Cool thanks to The Henson Company. See Chris Hardwick knock famous people down a pin or two as he bowls them over in Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling. If your word for nerd is ”otaku,” revel in Weird S#!t from Japan. And if you just like to see cute things exploding, there’s a show called…uh…Cute Things Exploding. Plus new ways to experience some of your favorites like Kids in the Hall, Farscape and Simian Undercover Detective Squad.

Chris Hardwick has this to say about his brainchild, the Nerdist Channel: “Our programming mandate was simple: what would WE want to see exist in the world? Unlike many production companies or networks, we are actually IN the demographic of the content we’re creating… We program stuff we love. All of our shows are very personal and we’re very passionate about what they represent.” You can read more of what Chris Hardwick has to say about his channel launch in his letter to Nerdist fans.

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