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The Popdose staff is roughly 80 percent Muppetholics, so when we found out Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Walter were on the publicity trail to promote the DVD and Blu-ray release of their latest hit film The Muppets, we jumped at the opportunity to ask them a few questions. Enjoy the results of our hard-hitting journalism below. What’s the Muppet equivalent of a Pulitzer? We’re pretty sure we totally nailed it here.

Questions for Kermit

What did you do all those years when the Muppets were disbanded?
Actually, we weren’t disbanded. That was just the story in the movie. In Hollywood, that’s called ”taking creative liberties.” Everywhere else, it’s known as ”fibbing.” The truth is, we’ve been together all this time. In fact, Miss Piggy never lets me out of her sight.

As the one-time on-the-street reporter, what are your thoughts are about the state of American news?
It’s certainly different. These days, there are so many sources for news that I think eventually we’ll all have our own individual news channel  that not only tells you what’s happening, but how it affects you. Miss Piggy is already pioneering this with The Moi Factor.

How do you feel about ” Man or Muppet?” winning the Academy Award when “Rainbow Connection” didn’t?
Well, I am absolutely thrilled that Bret McKenzie won the Oscar for Best Song for ”Man or Muppet.” (And I want to assure Bret he’ll get the Oscar back just as soon as I can pry it out of Piggy’s hands.) But I definitely think that Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher should have won for ”Rainbow Connection,” and not just because I sang it. It’s just a wonderful song that, I’m proud to say, has become something of a classic.

Why are you hanging out with Piggy when you could have me?
Well, Piggy and I have a, uh,  very special relationship and while I’m flattered that you want me to hang out with you, I think it’s best I stay with Piggy…if only for my safety and yours.

A Question for Miss Piggy

Who carries your purse for you when you’re in Los Angeles?
I have an entourage that handles the purse and a whole separate group that does nothing but cart around accessories and make-up. It’s not easy being a diva.

A Question for Walter

What is the hazing ritual like for new Muppets?
It’s not so much a hazing ritual as a rite of passage. You have to run errands for Miss Piggy (i.e. pick up her dry cleaning, get her take out, detail her car, rotate her tires, alphabetically organize her wardrobe, pair up her shoes by size, color and heel height, etc.) And it’s not just for new Muppets; everybody gets stuck doing it.

Look for The Muppets on DVD and Blu-ray on March 20 — and order your copy today.

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