Happy Seventeenth Day of Mellowmas! Just eight days until Christmas…and then this will all be over. Until then, just grin and bear it while Jeff and I devolve into perverse sexual references and mocking each other’s mom.

Felix Cavaliere – Christmas In Your Arms (download or stream below)
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[audio: Cavaliere – Christmas in Your Arms.mp3]

Jason: Hahahahah! I don’t know why that opening made me laugh.

Jeff: It’s an involuntary reflex. Like gagging. Which is what I did when the vocals came in.

Jason: The acoustic guitars were nice, but the synths? Totally unnecessary. This song has nothing to do with Christmas, I bet.

Jeff: “Christmas in your arms is my dream.”

Jason: He probably just inserted “Christmas” instead of whatever word was there before. Like “my balls.”

Jeff: Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes!

Jason: “My balls in your arms is my dream.”

Jeff: “A Cleveland Steamer.”

Jason: “A Donkey Punch.”

Jeff: “A Dirty Sanchez.” “A One-Eyed Redskin.”

Jason: Whoa, I don’t know that one!…Wait, are we just naming gross things now?

Jeff: I think we are.

Jason: I’m waiting for a Christmas-specific lyric. There isn’t one yet.

Jeff: This song is stupid.

Jason: Wait, he just said something about…spices. And he just said “the THOUGHT that I’ll be near you,” and I could have sworn he said “FUCK that I’ll be near you.” Oooh, acoustic guitar solo!

Jeff: VERY tasteful. I wish he’d shut up.

Jason: I don’t even know who this guy is. Do we call him when JosÁ© Feliciano can’t make it to the studio?

Jeff: I think his kid was a child guitar prodigy.

Jason: It’s time to cherish all the love you’ve given my balls. I mean, me.

Jeff: Do not ask me why I think this.

Jason: With a name like Felix Cavaliere, can you do anything else but play guitar?

Jeff: Ha! I’d like to play this song for every woman I know, and ask them how they’d react if a guy performed it for them. “Merry Christmas, baby.”

Jason: Dude, when I hear those synths going in and out of the left/right channels, I get a little nauseous. There was very little that was Christmasy about that song.

Jeff: You’re just saying that because he’s Mexican.

Jason: Again with you trying to make me into a racist for no apparent reason. Is this because I said that the Pendergrass song sounded like it was “Congo” by Genesis?

Jeff: If your main concern is that the reason isn’t apparent, why don’t you just come out and tell everyone what the reason is? Go ahead.

Jason: No, you tell me. I want to know. Also, I don’t really know what we’re talking about or where this came from. So lay it on me, Jefito Claus.

Jeff: I’m not telling everyone about what happened between your mother and the gardener. That’s your secret to share.

Jason: You’ve been watching too much “Desperate Housewives.”

Jeff: Either way, I totally understand why you’re a racist.

Jason: I can tell them what happened with me and your mother. Stuffing of the stocking was involved. Something was hung by the chimney with care.

Jeff: That didn’t make you a racist. It just made you take penicillin for awhile.

Jason: A while?

Jeff: Oh, still?

Jason: She packs a powerful punch.

Jeff: Well. Make sure you finish your prescription.

Jason: Wait. Are we talking about my mom or your mom? I get so confused.

Jeff: I think we’re talking about Felix Cavaliere and why he sucks.

Jason: Oh, that’s right. Thank you.

Jeff: Happy Mellowmas, everyone!

Jason: …and scene!

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