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Survivor – Christmas Is Here (download or stream below)
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Jason: That’s some nice acoustic guitar.

Jeff: This sounds just like that REO thing from last year.

Jason: I blocked that from my memory. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jeff: Which Survivor singer is this?

Jason: I was just about to ask you the same thing. This isn’t…the usual dude?

Jeff: I have no idea. They sound the same to me.

Jason: Hmm. You know what? I don’t hate this.

Jeff: I wish they’d done “Eye of the Santa.”

Jason: Oh wait, he just said something like “this gift that we call life.” ‘Cause you know that God is watchin’!

Jeff: God is watching his chosen family.

Jason: His chosen family! Wow!

Jeff: Survivor is a Jew!

Jason: Inspirational!

Jeff: It’s true — I feel inspired. To never listen to Survivor again.

Jason: Oh, come on. This actually isn’t that bad. Seriously.

Jeff: It’s no worse than ordinary Survivor.

Jason: This song is not Jewish. For starters, it’s in a major key.

Jeff: Well, yeah, but he said “chosen family.”

Jason: He’s probably talking about the Survivor Fan Club.

Jeff: Ha ha ha!

Jason: All four members.

Jeff: “We’re blessed with inspiration to be the best that we can be.” Ironic words coming from this band.

Jason: Take your own advice, Survivor! Oooh, nice little bridge-thingie. I like this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m deleting it, but it’s not that bad.

Jeff: Do these lyrics even make sense?

Jason: Oh, I’m not listening to the lyrics.

Jeff: If you listen closely, it’s like they strung together left-over lines from other songs.

Jason: Wait wait wait. Hang on. Can we rewind a bit? I just heard a weird lyric right before the guitar solo.

Jeff: See! I told you, fucker!

Jason: I’m going back to 2:40. There’s a lyric I need to hear again.

Jeff: Okay, here it comes.

It can be so cold.
Walkin’ a lonely road.
Out on the edge of town.


Just open your heart and see.
It’s not only you and me.
He does it all without a sound
when no one’s around.

Jeff: Whoooooa.

Jason: That’s sketchy, right?? Like Santa’s quietly masturbating in the corner?

Hey, acapella Survivor! And it probably only took around 15 takes! $20 says they can’t do that live.

Jeff: $20 says they can’t get booked live outside of Des Moines. This sounds like reheated Journey.

Jason: Isn’t that what Survivor has been all along?

Jeff: ZANG!

Jason: Hey, don’t they have some of that Starbucks money now?

Jeff: They probably have jobs at Starbucks.

Jason: Stupid ending. You know what that ending screams to me? Auto Tune.

Jeff: The guitar screams Auto Tune?

Jason: No, that final vocal. I refuse to believe he was able to stay in key for that dramatic ending. Regardless, I think this is actually, dare I say, tolerable.

Jeff: It’s okay.

Jason: It really wasn’t that bad.

Jeff: Not the worst thing we’ve heard all Mellowmas.

Jason: Like I said, I’m still deleting it.

Jeff: Out of context, though? It fucking sucks.

Jason: Oh, definitely.

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