Jason: Hey Jeff, guess how many songs I have in my holiday collection on iTunes?

Jeff: 600,000?

Jason: Not quite. I’m up to 2,797. Funny, I thought the number was higher, too.

Jeff: That’s impressive, by which I mean heartbreaking.

Jason: It’s become quite a compulsion. I have to search for Christmas music every year. I can’t stop.

Jeff: I, on the other hand, now actively avoid all Christmas music, even if it’s from artists I know I can trust, like Nick Lowe.

Jason: I’m telling you, that album is really quite good.

Jeff: I used to love Christmas music. I had a pretty decent collection myself.

Jason: I know! I think I got my first few hundred tracks from you!

Jeff: Now, it just makes me think of incompetence and cash-grabbing. So many big-name artists recording Christmas albums.

Jason: I know. Really, Kelly Clarkson? Is that really necessary?

Jeff: Really, Tamar Braxton?

Jason: A second Christmas record, Jewel?

Jeff: I just got really angry at Rod Stewart for a second, but I’m okay now.

Jason: But you know what makes it all worth it? When I do a deep-dive and find something that I thought I’d never, ever find. Something that I figure most people will never, ever find.

Jeff: I’m uncomfortable with you using the phrase “deep-dive” in this context.

Jason: That’s how I came across Dorothy Finch.

Jeff: Was I complaining about major artists making Christmas music just now? I would like to retract.

Jason: I don’t know much about Dorothy Finch. I know she has a last name that is also the name of a type of bird. I know that she likes birds herself.

Jeff: Please stop.

Jason: i know that designing album covers is maybe not her forte.

Jeff: I feel an overpowering sense of dread coming on. Maybe we should listen to Kelly Clarkson instead.

Jason: And I know that you and I are about to listen to a song called “The Holiday Birds.”

Jeff: Holiday birds? Huh. That doesn’t sound so bad. Like, cardinals and stuff, right?

Jason: Shhh. Just listen.

Listen to the holiday birds.

Dorothy Finch, “The Holiday Birds”

Jeff: Ooh, synthy! It’s like Mike Oldfield walked into a pet store.

Jason: Free-form, man! Rhodes!

Jeff: This…is singing?

Jason: Random synth patch!

Jeff: How many takes do you think this took?

Jason: It sounds like her voice is actually kind of nice. But I think she recorded this in a phone booth. Or with her head in a space helmet.

Jeff: Nice?

Jason: Well, you know. In a menacing way.

Jeff: I mean, she sounds like a nice person.

This is one trippy goddamn holiday song.

Jason: Seriously!

Jeff: And it’s on Dorothy’s record The Nature of Christmas: Children’s Song-Book! I would NEVER play this for my kids. Or anyone’s kids.

Jason: It’s eerie. Can you imagine if I played this for my daughter and just told her this was what all Christmas music sounded like?

Jeff: Hanukkah forever!

Also, I don’t appreciate these things that sound like fade-outs, but aren’t.

Jason: Dorothy Finch likes fucking with you. Holiday bu-uh-urds!

Jeff: What just happened?

Jason: What just happened? You got Finch’d, that’s what just happened.

Jeff: Why was that for kids? How was it about the holidays? Who wrote it? Who played on it? WHY.

Jason: I think you know who wrote it and who played on it. The holiday birds.

Jeff: Never mind. You can’t answer those questions. I doubt Dorothy Finch could answer them. I need to stop thinking about who and why and start focusing more on whiskey. Is this what it feels like to get high?

Jason: I wonder if I could get Dorothy Finch to call you, a la Wing.

Jeff: That would be AWFUL. Her voice would be all deep and close to the phone.


Jason: Maybe I could get her to sell you one of her holiday birds.

Jeff: Ha ha ha ha ha! All dead in a box!

Jason: Holiday dead bird!

Jeff: “Enclosed please find one (1) holiday bu-uh-urd.”

Jason: Well, I feel pretty proud of myself right now.


Jason: *leprechaun dance*

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