The first year of Mellowmas (2006) was only twelve days long. Six of those days took place at Jeff’s website, which met its demise in the fall of 2007 due to an unscrupulous hosting company.

When we looked back at the chat logs, for some reason we could only find five distinct artists discussed that weren’t posted at my site. Although I can’t say with 100% certainty, I’m almost positive that we actually discussed America twice in 2006: once at my site, and once at Jeff’s I’m surprised that we discussed the same artist more than once, but they certainly fit the Mellow Gold bill. Here’s “Christmas in California.”  — Jason

America – Christmas in California (download)

Holiday harmony cover art.jpg

From Holiday Harmony

Jason: Wow, within three seconds, it rips off “Ventura Highway.” With “Winter Wonderland,” I’m willing to let it slide. Not here.

Jeff: All this time, I’ve been thinking that what these songs are missing is some bongo.

Jason: I agree.

Jeff: For some reason, the image of Andrew “Mellow” Gold playing bongos makes me laugh.

Jason: I’m seeing him in a Hawaiian shirt, too. Which guy is singing lead on this? He sounds like a wuss.

Jeff: I think that’s Beckley.

Jason: Still, the production is pretty good.

Jeff: I’ve always wondered how Beckley had a career.

Jason: That almost sounds like a bit of electric guitar! ALMOST.

Jeff: If he’d come up in any other era, he probably wouldn’t have stood a chance. Jimmy Scott sounds more masculine than Gerry Beckley.

Jason: My female kitten, when she cries, sounds more masculine than Gerry Buckley.

How can they live with themselves after clearly ripping off that riff? Oooh, little bongo flourish!

Jeff: Bongo glissando!

Jason: Heh heh heh! I’m kinda groovin’ in my chair a bit. I shouldn’t admit that. My booty is shaking, just a little.

Jeff: You shouldn’t do that.

Jason: No, you’re right. I hope this doesn’t fade out. Oooh, nice ending!

Jeff: Dramatic finish!

Jason: Andrew just did a little bongo solo!

Jeff: Those fucking bongos, man…they make the song. He’s a one-man Incredible Bongo Band.

Jason: I like it. I think it has all the good qualities of a Mellow Gold song: acoustic guitars, harmonies, bongos, Andrew Gold.

Jeff: Not to mention identifiable elements of other, better songs. And you know when you’re referring to “Ventura Highway” as the “better song,” you’re in a lot of trouble.

Jason: Can I tell you something shameful?

Jeff: Uh oh.


Jeff: Oh. That isn’t shameful.

Jason: And I went, “oh, this riff is from that Janet Jackson song!” THAT’S shameful.

Jeff: I thought you were going to tell me you lost your virginity to it. THAT would have been shameful.

Jason: I don’t remember what song I lost my virginity to. But it was probably something by Boston. I shouldn’t go further into this. My mom reads these entries.

Jeff: Whew. I thought you were going to say it was Richard Marx’s “Don’t Mean Nothin’.”

Jason: No, it was “Shoulda Known Better.” ZING!

Jeff: ZANG!

Jason: HEYO!

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