Been a right crappy year, hasn’t it? The boys and girls in the lab have been crunching the data and have determined it’s all been sliding downhill since Popdose called off the regular Mixtapes. Our own champion of mixology, Jack Feerick, has been doing a mighty service to boost national morale with outstanding holiday mixes, but in this first season of P.T.M.D. (Post Traumatic Mellowmas Disorder), it feels like more needs to be done.

Let’s be good — and loud — to each other.

Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy – Michel Pagliaro

Greasy Money – The Keys

Let My Love Open The Door (alternate) – Pete Townshend

Metal – Gary Numan

I’m Falling – The Comsat Angels

Nothing Achieving – The Police

Hope – Mahavishnu Orchestra

Santa Maria – The Telling

Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again – The Fortunes

The Morning Is Waiting – Field Music

Handbirds – Duncan Maitland

Trust In Somebody – Silver

Feeling’s Got To Stay – Ric Ocasek

Winds Of Santa Ana – Animal Logic

Down In the Hole – James Taylor

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