This has been a topic of discussion both on posts and behind the scenes at the Fortress of Doseitude – what the hell is happening with Queensryche? The short recap is that lead singer Geoff Tate either left under duress or was fired by bandmates Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton. A court case is pending in which the ownership of the Queensryche name will be decided. Until then, ta-daah, two Queensryches.

Totally unrelated to the shenanigans, Queens of the Stone Age are back and releasing a new album soon. If Brian May and Roger Taylor corral Adam Lambert into some kind of Queen thing, it will be mass hysteria.

But let’s deal with the two Queens we have right now. Tatesryche jumped the gun with the teaser for the impending Frequency Unknown. With new singer Todd LaTorre, Toddsryche will soon have the record Redemption on shelves as well. This has been a subject brought up by two of Popdose’s Internet friends, Something Else! Reviews and But we want to know what you think.

Below you’ll find both a track from Toddsryche, “Redemption,” and Tatesryche, “Cold.” And below those, a handy-dandy quizzy-thing. Let’s settle this, Ryche-o-A-Ryche-o, shall we?

The vote is yours!

Which wins the battle of the bands: Redemption or Cold?

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