It’s no secret that the 1980s were music video’s heyday. With the advent of MTV and cable television, music was suddenly visual and artists wasted no time getting creative. Even today, a special music video gives physical form to songs — and gives new listeners a greater insight into a hot new band.

Such is the case with Vagabond Specter. Hailing from the Ukraine, this quartet is kind of a big deal in their homeland, having opened for Garbage in Kiev this past November.

After a constant touring schedule throughout their native country, they’re unleashing their unique, fuzz-laden brand of electro pop/rock on the world. The band is also set to release their first full-length album, MIRRORS, later this month.

As a teaser, however, check out their video for “Half a Billion Miles,” created in the image of those great, classic ’80s videos. Watch closely and you’ll catch allusions to A-ha’s “Take On Me” and even the classic MTV spaceman. To keep up with Vagabond Specter, find them on Facebook.


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