So, I know the last Dance Party we had was on Halloween. I hadn’t intended to wait until the next holiday to treat you guys to another Dance Party, but that’s just how things have worked out. All things considered, I cannot think of  a better day to give you a new ’80s Dance Party mix than the day before Thanksgiving, aka the biggest drinking night of the year. I mean, you’re going to need something to listen to while you get plastered in preparation for dealing with your relatives, right? Right. (If you don’t live in the States, just drink a lot tonight and pretend you’re doing so before spending a day with relatives.)

I went through a couple of different ideas for this mix, one of which was songs that dealt with traveling and methods of transportation. But, ultimately, I decided that the best way to go was just a mix of really fun songs that you could drink to, dance to, and use as escape from your family (I highly recommend putting this mix on your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player and using it to drown out the sounds of children screaming, realtives fighting, and in-laws nagging). This mix is also my way of thanking you for checking out this column this year — that’s why I included the New Kids On the Block remix. Seriously, though, thanks for being so enthusiastic every time I post one of these mixes. I know they haven’t been very regular lately, but I hope to remedy that.

If you live in the States, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope that you don’t kill anyone, or get killed, during Black Friday shopping shenans. And if you don’t live in the States, have a great Thursday!

Klymaxx – The Men All Pause (12″ Version)
Janet Jackson – Nasty (Extended Mix)
Pointer Sisters – Neutron Dance (Extended Version)
Adeva – I Thank You (Club Mix)
New Kids On the Block – You Got It (The Right Stuff) (New Kids In The House Mix)
Roxette – The Look (Headdrum Mix)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s a Sin (Disco Mix)
Erasure – A Little Respect (Extended Mix)
Human League – (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended Version)
Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance (Extended Version)
Blondie – Rapture (Special Disco Mix)
Grace Jones – Pull Up to the Bumper (12″ Mix)
Kid Creole & the Coconuts – He’s Not Such a Bad Guy After All (12″ Version)
Madonna – Dress You Up (The 12″ Formal Mix)
Kim Wilde – Dancing In the Dark (Nile Rodgers 12″ Version)

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