I guess you can say I’m a lucky one. I get to celebrate not one but two Thanksgivings.  Why?  Well, since I was born in Canada, the second Monday in October is Canadian Thanksgiving — and there is turkey served in our house… and it is good. But I’ve lived in the United States since I was one, so of course I celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November — and there is turkey served in our house…and it is good. But while there aren’t that many songs about Thanksgiving, there are a good many about one of my Thanksgiving favorites:  pie.  I’m aware that these songs aren’t necessarily about desserts, but they do provide a good Thanksgiving soundtrack that, if anything, will make you smile that knowing smile as one track segues into another.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Popdose readers in the U.S. And for those of you who don’t reside the US of A, I hope you can raise a glass and enjoy a great meal with your friends and family this week.

“Country Pie,” Bob Dylan (Download)

I was looking at Bob Dylan’s Facebook Like page, and oddly enough there isn’t any mention of pie on his bio.  For a guy who sings about it so energetically, I would think he would have at least one small mention about pie.  But…that’s Bob. Always pushing forward and never being nostalgic about the past — or pie.

“Black Coffee,” Humble Pie (Download)

A an easy riddle:  what goes great with pie?  You could say “more pie,” but really black coffee makes for a nice contrast.  The sweetness of a pie with the bitterness of the coffee.  Just thinking about it makes you kind of hungry, huh.

“Custard Pie,” Led Zeppelin (Download)

Probably one of the most unsubtle lyrics about sex since Warrant’s “Cherry Pie.” But still, with the full on rock/blues thing that Zep had down so well, the PG-13 lyrics really don’t matter since Plant’s vocals are kind of obscured by the music.

“Lemon Pie,” Stawbs (Download)

Another song about a woman’s pie — and not the kind she would bake and serve to the whole family.  According the Wiki on this song, Dave Cousins from the band wrote the tune about, yes, a woman he was pursuing.  The real life story ends with the “Lemon lady” becoming his wife.

“Honey Pie,” The Beatles (Download)

 Bob Dylan may not be nostalgic, but never let it be said that Paul McCartney isn’t one who like to slip into the past…

“American Pie,” Don McLean (Download)

And what mix about pie would be complete without Don McLean’s anthem to the loss of a rock icon.  Whatever you make of the song (and people have read deeply into the lyrics), it certainly does connote the loss of “better days.”  But on Thanksgiving, loss is something that many of us stay clear of, so let’s not dwell on the boo hoo. Rather, let’s eat!





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