HEY YOU GUYS! What’s up? The last time we spoke, it was NYE and you were all getting ready to do things you would regret until at least March. How’s everyone been since then? Did you enjoy your non-winter? I live in a place in which blizzards have been known to happen in mid-March, yet it has been in the 70s and 80s here for a couple of weeks now and that is bananas. I do not approve. But enough about the weather, tell me about YOU! Or don’t, it’s fine. Whatever you want to do.

So, yeah, the Dance Party. Sorry it’s been so long since the last one. I’m going through an early mid-life crisis and just haven’t been up to putting together new mixes. But I think I’m gonna try and bring you a new mix at least bi-weekly going forward. At least, until I lose my mind again.

This week’s mix doesn’t have a theme tying it together, as these often do. It does kind of have a weird vibe to it, though, that I can’t put my finger on. I wouldn’t say it’s totally mellow, but it’s not as all-out dancey as the last few mixes have been. Maybe it’s a perfect spring cleaning mix? Or that mix you listen to while you’re doing laundry and trying to swap out your winter wardrobe for your spring wardrobe? Whatever you do why you’re listening to this is none of my business, unless you want it to be.

One note about the Queen remix: do not be alarmed by the weirdness during the last minute or so — it’s supposed to be that way. It makes no sense and kind of ruins the mix, but, whatever. They’re Queen and they can do what they please with their extended mixes.

Book of Love – I Touch Roses (Long Stemmed Version)
Queen – I Want to Break Free (12″ Extended Version)
Flash and the Pan – Ayla (Disco Mix)
Talking Heads – Blind (Extended Mix)
The Associates – Take Me to the Girl (12″ Mix)
Simply Red – Money’s Too Tight to Mention (Cutback Mix)
Owen Paul – My Favourite Waste of Time (Jumbo Mix)
The Stranglers – Skin Deep (12″ Mix)
The Blow Monkeys – Digging Your Scene (12″ Mastermind Mix)
B-Movie – Nowhere Girl (12″ Remix)
The Adventures – Two Rivers (12″ Version)
Gazebo – I Like Chopin (12″ Extended Remix)
The Comsat Angels – Island Heart (Extended Mix)
Japan – Life in Tokyo (Long Version)
Tirez Tirez – Uptight (12″ Mix)

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